quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010

Alcoholic drinks

Everbody who has a kid knows that when they are growing up the attention with than has to double. This happens because it's a period that all the bad things and influences are presented for them. The most commom are alcohol and tobacco.

The first idea about the alcohol is that it is an stimulant product, this is not true.Alcohol is depressive and in action can cause sleep. Also,it can reduce ablility to some works like driving a car. Most of car accidents are caused by drunk drivers.It is common the hear : "I will drink because I know my limit" . It is hard to know the exactly time to stop. Because the first function to be committed is critical sense. Even if a person takes a little dose of alcohol she has psychological effects, those can be showing happiness or even annoying. In general, when a person get drunk, nobody can preview how she is going to act.

Besides that, there is another problem alcohol can cause to a human and it is linked with nutrition. To have an idea 1 gram of alcohol provides 7 calories.Let's imagine a person who drinks a lot, a 300ml glass of beer containing 129 calories. This person drink 20 glasses of beer, she will get 2.580 cal ( two thousand five hundred and eighty calories)at once. This person will never be healthy drinking like this.Therefore we can't play with alcohol, people have to moderate and drink with responsibility. Give value to your life.

My next post will be about another problem: TOBACCO.

By Amanda Inocencio


segunda-feira, 14 de junho de 2010


June 12, it's the Valentine's day in Brazil. The day to celebrate, to go out for dinner, to love your boyfriend ( if you have one). The day the stores release a product to sell for the lovers. There is also some options for the singles, like party for the singles and concerts, or they can go to the church and pray to get a boyfriend or girlfriend.
At the dictionary love means affection,compassion, mercy, passion, desire and etc. But for me is the most difficult felling to describe. Love is to be worry about someone, is give and don't wait to receive,is to love a person completely even with many defects.Love can't be perfect, the perfection of love it's to be imperfect. Everything that is too perfect loses the beauty. Love, is when you like someone the way she is. And loving is when you do whatever it takes just to see this person smiling and happy.
Don't be affraid of love. Enjoy your time because nothing is forever, everything die, everything ends, life is to short to be wasted. We must love people like tomorrow doesn't exist, because if we stop to think about it there is no tomorrow.
Let's live evergthing that it has to be lived because there is no time to go back.

With love,

Amanda Inocencio