sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010

My college life

This was my essay from my writing class:

This year I realized my dream, and now I am living my college life, unfortunately not everything is going in the way I hoped. Everything in my life is changing, and now I do not live with my parents anymore. I am living with people from different countries and cultures, and this will make me grow up faster, but sometimes is hard to live with somebody who is very different and has other customs. Life with my parents is already hard, so imagine when you have to live with somebody that you do not even know. It has been really hard for me to deal with some situations, especially with my roommates.
My first day at Lindenwood University was crazy. I could not get my ID card and it took me several hours to find my house number. The only good thing was that I found my first roommate, Honu, a sweet girl from Japan. She was very nice, but in the first week I could not understand almost anything that she tried to say. We started to communicate by signals, and it was really fun. After one week I was more familiar with her accent, and I could have a better conversation with her. Honu was also good company and a good friend. She helped me to organize my room and the house.
After the freshman week, the juniors, seniors and sophomores arrived on the campus and as a consequence I met my other roommates. There were five girls in our house, three upstairs and two girls in the basement. The next day we were informed that Honu( my Japanese roomie) was sent to the wrong house and she had to leave. I was sad because I really liked her otherwise she was in the biggest room and I was going to move to her room. But then I gave up changing rooms because I was comfortable in the smaller room and I saw how many clothes and the other girls had, so I decided to let them stay in the bigger room. I regretted the decision later after a few weeks; I could see they did not appreciate any of the good things I did for them and I felt very said about that.
My life got worse. My roommates never cleaned the house, never took the trash out, never helped with the dishes, and they started to wake me up at 3 in the morning, screaming, after coming back from a party. I was very stressed, and I got very angry because I spent all the weekend alone in the house and they left the house very dirty. I was very uncomfortable and I cleaned everything, even dirt disgusting that they dropped on the carpet. When they came back home, they started to mess up everything again, so I decided to take an action. I said to one of my roommates, “ Hey! Do you think I am the maid of this house? I cleaned everything this weekend and I am not going to do this alone anymore.”She responded, “What are you talking about? Why everything is my fault? I always help and clean and I said thank you when you cleaned the house.” I replied, “Seriously? Thank me? I want you guys to help me, and not to say thanks. I do not see anyone cleaning this house except me and when I ask somebody to help nobody helps me and I am so stupid that I try to be nice with all you like cooking and that kind of stuff, and look what you guys give me back.”
The discussion ended, and I closed my door and locked it she started to knock, but I said, “I don't want to talk.” I was very angry; it was my limit, and the next step was going to say bad words and I did not want to hurt their feelings or hurt them because deep inside, they were good people. So, I took time to myself to calm down and I went out of the house to walk and think about everything. When I came back, she was waiting for me. As I was calmer, we talked and reached an agreement. It got better, for one week, and the house returned to the same mess, because the roommates did not change. One of the girls woke me up again and that was the last time for me, I started looking for another place to live, another house, but I could not find. The only option that I had was to move to a dorm and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be better.

I was in my psychology class and we had to talk in groups about something that was bothering us. I talked about my problem with my roommates and a girl in the group invited me to go to her house and spend time there with her. I agreed to meet her to do the exercise for the class and she showed me that she had an empty room in her house and said I could move there if I wanted to. I did not think twice and called my adviser and she helped me. The next day I was in the new house with two good new roommates. The house was cleaned and silent. That night I slept like an angel.
Unfortunately life is not perfect and happy all the time. In my new house, I got a smaller room and with air conditioner which everybody else will love except me. I hate AC and I was really freezing in that room. I called the maintenance and they told me that I could put a towel inside the AC hole and I did and I also put my furniture on the top of the hole, which was perfect. As the weeks passed the weather started to change, and I got cold. The house and my room were really cold. I started to put the heat on and this was another reason for my roommate to knock my door and said, “Amanda, please stop turning the heat on, the house is freaking hot and the other roommate does not like either.” I said, “Okay, as long as you do not turn on the AC, because I am cold here.” She agreed and gave me peace.

However, last week things start to be difficult. Even with the AC off, I was freezing. They decided to turn on the heat, but they put in a low temperature. I gave up talking with them and I bought a heater for me. Now I do not have to ask or bother anybody because of this. It is really difficult to deal with people, but I realized that they do not try to change to live with us, but we have to change for them. I wrote a letter to my roommate apologizing for everything and I told her that everybody has defects and we have to accept the person like she is. I wrote that I had a lot of defects and she did too but, she was so beautiful inside that her little defects did not bother me. She understood all wrong and she though I was telling her that she was my enemy. It was a long discussion again, but we arrived at an agreement. I was very sensitive and I cried a lot; I do not usually cry in front of anybody, but I was so stressed that I could not restrain myself.
This new life and all these conflicts with my roommates have been teaching me how to live my live without accepting anybody’s help. People try to pretend that they are strong and cold, but deep inside they are lovely and not so strong to continue living a life alone and without love. I have to be very strong to live here and to keep going with my dream. Life was never easy to me, and it is getting harder each day, but this makes me stronger, mature and experienced. That is how world works, with good and bad days, good and bad people and what I can do is learn how to deal with this and be happy. Even on the bad time, I have to look for something good to smile. After all, the problem with my roommates are not the only and the biggest that I will have to deal with in my life.

After I wrote this essay many thing happenned and I am having a freat time with my new roommates.

(Going to party with my new roommates)

Always think positive,