segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

Friends, Lovers or Nothing

Those are my fofinhas! 6 months with those girls were enough to love and never forget them.


I am finally back to Brazil, after one year away from my family and everything. I have to confess that is really weird, I felt lost the first week and I didn't felt like calling anyone.
I stayed one semester at the University almost alone, I had some problems with my rommies and this made me change a lot, specially about trusting people. But it seems that as soon as the second semester started my life gots better. The brazilian bus parked at my University(ahahahhahah). There was like 20 new brazilian students and I can say that some of them became very special to me.

Spring Break came and we went to Panama City in Florida. It was a group of brazilians and one girl from Germany and another guy from Costa Rica. They didn'y know much potuguese, specially Pauline, the girl from Germany. But it was good because we have to continue talking english. This trip could show me how those people really were outside our study routine, and it was the best thing that ever happenned. I realized that I was blind and I took such a long time to see that I had lovely people around me all the time and I wasn't giving value on that.

After spring break we had a short time to spend time together because the semester was ending and I we were not going to see each other so soon. My two friends Pauline and Fernanda were not going to go back to the University for next semester, so we were really sad about that.
It was really hard to say goodbye to a friend that you don't even know when you going to see again. But life is like this, you win, you lose. And life keeps going.
This time I had only happinness! But I was freaking out with the idea to go back home. Now I am back and the worst passed but I lost a lot of friendships and this make me really dissapointed but I know that I have really good friends but unfortunetly they are around the world, one in Germany, my best friend in Australia and I keep talking to them on skype. One day we are going to be together again.

Now I will enjoy the most my vacations in Brazil and I can't wait for next semester!!



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